centro origine
centro origine

Origin Center – Centro Origine

Origine has an atmosphere of calm and wellbeing that let you encounter peace and serenity outside and inside yourself.
It is the place where Sacred Seeds accompanies parents and children but not only, because the beauty and the strenght of what we offer is available for every person who wants to encounter her own origin.

The Origin Center is located in a single-family house. It offers a comfortable hospitality to whom wishes to regenerate and to experience quiet moments. It includes a reception area, a resting zone where it’s possible to stay for sleeping, toilet with shower, a temple-room for a overall total of ca 100m2 of surface. The guests’ space has been made completely to new beginning 2018.
The mansarded spaces evoke charme, comfort and a warm welcome.
The temple-room provides a space to meditate and practice disciplines dedicated to inner listening and wellbeing.
The big garden offers the possibility to spend joyful moments in contact with nature, cheered by the company of the two little dogs and the two cats living in the house.
You can enjoyed a panoramic sight of a peculiar village site, as well as on fields and on the valley in general.
The whole Center is a non-smoking area, garden included.

Origin is the sacred space for