Communication from Heart to Heart
Communication from Heart to Heart

Communication from Heart to Heart

With babies and children      With spiritual guides      With yourself
Commonly the communication with our children naturally arises from an unconscious intuition. We have an inner feeling that allows us, often without words, to understand what our child would like to share with us.

In the daily life, however, it is difficult to listen to and follow our intuition, our inner voice. Influences and information from outside, expectations, desires, needs, etc. make us insecure, they distract us in communicating with our children and dampen our perception. So the delicate inner messages of children must go through a continuous shouting and fail to, or only weakly, reach us. Through a conscious inner communication, a deep understanding of the nature of the child can happen. Qualities and potentials that the soul of the child wants to develop in the course of its life can be recognized. The child’s behavior can easily be understood from a different point of view, so that you can more easily understand why your child behaves in a certain way. Children thus become more balanced and cheerful and joy and harmony expand in the family’s daily life. Growing up, they develop self-confidence and this helps them to experience inner security and stability.

This process starts as early as during pregnancy. The sooner we take care of this seed, the better it will develop in the later stages and challenges of life.

Topics and objectives

Face different situations with inner support and stability
Open the gateway to the inner communication
Recognize the child’s personality and his talents
Meetings from heart to heart
Identify the causes of child behavior
Resolve conflicts at the origin
Experience harmony, lightness and joy
Supporting the own personal development
Promote self-confidence

Let love flow

Through love we are connected with the child, we begin to understand each other.
Love has many gifts ready for us.

Establish and maintain contact with the child

Many of the everyday problems arise because we repeatedly interrupt the natural contact to the child. If we force it, we get tired. There is a natural inner connection, which can already start during pregnancy. Mutual trust expands.

Find inner peace

During the seminar, participants learn to open up their minds for the inner exchange. Self love and intuition develop from silence. With a few minutes of meditation we can be happy all day long.

Listen to what she/he really wants to say

Listening takes place in an inner silence state. One of the challenges is our interpretation. Inner filters, that result from experiences and feelings, are constantly active. During the seminar we will choose a path that goes beyond all the filters: the gateway to communicate with the soul of the child.


Understanding happens if we accept the child’s message as it is. Often it comes to understand not to react. During the daily life we usually don’t take enough time for that. We tend to react quickly, sometimes too quickly.
The child feels understood, it had a growing sense of confidence in his own qualities and talents.

If necessary, act or respond

If we welcome the response of the soul of the child without filtering it, our words and our actions are in contact with the love and its flow and will remind back to the child the following message: I recognize you. The conscious communication may start at any stage of life. You can learn the inner communication with private meetings, too.

In the everyday life

Take nine weeks of time in which to train yourself consciously. This will automate the steps learned. The inner communication becomes then easy and flowing.
Another gift of this course is the recognition of the essence of the person.
In contact with the soul of the child, adults and children learn to know each other in a new way. We recognize the essence with its gifts and its tasks.

The conscious communication may start at any stage of life.

Every being longs to be recognized, to be seen for who he really is.
Sita Kleinert
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