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Usually I’m reluctant to share birth’s videos. The idea itself of filming births goes against the essential conditions for the proper functioning of physiology. The total respect of the woman’s intimacy and not feeling observed are indeed indispensable requirements for a natural unfolding of labour and birth that can even affect their duration. The urgency that the vision of labour and birth must change, puts me aside the risk of contradiction. Media, urban legends, thirst of alarmism have and continue to inculcate an idea of heartbreaking, humiliating, insurmountable experiences without intervention and so on. To give birth is NOT THAT … but it is becoming that for too many women! Therefore, in the Video section you will find experiences that tell about birth and that transmit the intrinsic strength, wealth, potential, devotion, magic of this miracle. I chose carefully, taking into account that there are no intentions of spectacularization or voyeurism. It is not about trying to recreate these experiences but to erase a distorted vision to embrace a positive and real perception, embrace the reality that you are the protagonist of the uniqueness of your childbirth and that every moment you will cross has the power to change you forever. Let go through you the empowerment manifestations that you will hear through sounds and you will see in the non-verbal language… is the intensity of life that born that is emanating through the woman’s body!

I thank families and photographers who contribute to spreading a culture of positive and respectful childbirth.

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